BIM Maturity Evaluation

BIM Maturity Evaluation

BIM ACP are skilled in utilising Building Information Modelling (BIM), a system that can host extensive information about a project, including visual, dimensional, geometric and process information. Using BIM software, we are able to design and easily share project information and models with all members of the design team using a Common Data Environment (CDE). This enables us to provide more extensive information, helping everyone understand the building better. We have adopted standards in line with the requirements of BS 1192-2007 to ensure our models are fully compliant with standard protocols. A unique feature of BIM is its compatibility with clash detection software, which proactively informs users when there are conflicts within a design. This helps solve problems at the design stage, rather than once it is on site…

BIM maturity models have been used to evaluate Individuals, Projects, and organisation against 5 levels of excellence. As shown below:

Maturity has been defined as a comparative level of advancement an organisation has achieved with regard to any given process or set of activities. Organisations with more fully defined and actively used policies, standards, and practices are considered more mature.

Our unique approach is designed to link your maturity with your business needs which are only you can find it here in our services.

Please fill our online maturity assessment template to give us some information about your current process and let us deal with the analysis.

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