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The copyright in the material on this website belongs to BIMacp. No part of this website may be used, copied or modified without the prior written consent of BIMacp. To the extent permitted by law. BIMacp is not liable for any loss or damage that may occur from the use of any incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information provided on this website. BIMacp pays the utmost attention to reliability and up to date information on this website. BIMacp reserves the right to modify the content of the information on the website.

User responsibilities

You are responsible for all information sent or added in any form. Please conform to all rules of these terms of use, thank you.

  • Provide truthful, accurate and complete information. Keep your information up to date
  • Accept and comply with applicable disclaimer by the BIMacp
  • To protect the set of personal data, all information must be passed fairly and professionally
  • Do not spread or use any information or services that can cause damage to BIMacp, partners of BIMacp or the user of this website
  • Do not put any inappropriate or incorrect information on the website
  • Do not use information that is in violation of the law to protect personal data or copyright of a third party without permission
  • Do not use the name BIMacp for illegal, deceptive business or marketing for another user

Availability of network security and efficiency

Information on this website may be changed without prior warning or notice. This website is made available as much as possible, but we do not accept any responsibility for any consequences of temporary unavailability due to force majeure. BIMacp guarantees its team will take all possible steps to put all information on the website at your disposal as soon as possible.

Conditions BIMacp activities

Members can sign up for activities through the BIMacp website. Registrations will be approved based on availability. Registration for activities with participation fee will only be approved when the member has paid the amount owed. For free activities that goes if the maximum number of entries is reached.

Registration and payment condition

A. Registration

You can opt for a one-year subscription. The subscription period begins on the date the subscription is approved by BIMacp and ends, when the policy rules are respected, at one year after the approved date. If the subscription is not renewed, this contract will be canceled and access to certain features and services will be eliminated.

B. Currency and subscription fees

The subscription fees are quoted in US dollars. BIMacp reserves the right to change its prices at any time. The new rates of subscriptions or services will be announced in due time on the website. The subscriptions or services will always be billed based on current rates.

C. Payment

Payment of the annual subscription is included during registration. All payments are processed through. This payment method is offered by third parties. BIMacp is not responsible for the payment problems due to failure of the payment systems.

Account data

Each user is responsible for monitoring his or her confidential data, including credentials. BIMacp can not be held liable for any unauthorized use of your account. Whenever the confidentiality of such information is compromised, please notify BIMacp as soon as possible to prevent any fraudulent use of your account.

Block your account

BIMacp reserves the right to temporarily or possibly permanently block your account without notice, in case of non-compliance with the terms of this disclaimer. In addition, if your account is inactive for more than twelve (12) months, BIMacp reserves the right to alert you by email. If you believe that your account has been suspended without due cause please contact the BIMacp team. In blocking your account, all account data will be deleted.

License Agreement

BIMacp allows users to access information, files, data and photographs, specifically prepared by BIMacp. All these files and information are the exclusive property of BIMacp and are protected by copyright. Making copies, in whole or in part, is prohibited at all times. The user acknowledges and accepts that all rights are directly or indirectly linked with BIMacp and remain the exclusive property of BIMacp.

Data format

BIMacp enables you, to the extent your subscription allows, to upload data (pictures, PDF, MS document, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and BCF (BIM Collaboration Format)). These files allow you to promote and clarify your work and possibly send it to another user. You are at all times responsible for validating the data. BIMacp does not have to give approval to uploaded external content that is made accessible to users.

Newsletter and other communication

During registration you will have the opportunity to authorize BIMacp to communicate with you through e-mail, with which you can receive all relevant information regarding the use of BIM services. You can unsubscribe from the BIMacp mailing list anytime. For as long as you remain a user, BIMacp will provide you with information regarding the use of our services.

User-to-user communication

You can express your ideas and comments on BIMacp forum. The posted data BIMacp forum is public and can be viewed by other registered users. Ensure that all information shared on this forum is not confidential or subject to third party rights. BIMacp is not liable or responsible for abuse. BIMacp reserves the right to delete information that is contrary to any of the terms of this disclaimer.

Copyright and intellectual ownership

The copyright on this website rests with BIMacp or third parties who made this information available by permission to BIMacp.

Retain license

The license and ownership rights of products and services which are granted to BIMacp by any user remain property of the respective user. BIMacp may therefore temporarily or permanently reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish and distribute the products or services. This license is only available to BIMacp. You confirm and guarantee that you have all rights, power and authority necessary to grant the above license or permission.

Web links

Please note that BIMacp is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of other linked sites. We encourage you to review the safety and security policy of other websites connected to this site prior to disclosure of information. BIMacp is not responsible for any loss and or damage caused by your visit to these web links.


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